Video: PressPass's Weekly American's Abroad Thingy

Janusz and some British man discussing the most recent exploits of the U.S. men's national team members and other Americans outsourced to Europe. Janusz mentions twice that he thinks that Deuce puts in his best performances for his club instead of his country. Hunh.

He also mentions Eddie Johnson. Remember him? We all thought he was going to be big, didn't we? Now it's like he's the soccer equivalent of the big local band from college that got signed by a label and although they never blew up, they still haven't broken up so every once in while you talk to some old friend who says, "dude, I saw that Dixie Witch are playing next weekend" and you go "damn, they're still around?!" and you laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. It's just like that. Exactly like that.

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Brent McD. said...

Janusz can barely keep a straight face when he says perhaps EJ has learned to play more tactically