Video Killed U.S. Open Cup Star

See, here's the thing with being dirty. If you are going to try to get away with something you shouldn't --armed robbery, sexual congress with Paris Hilton, booting a Colombian in the chest, whatever your nefarious act of choice is-- you have to keep in mind that in the digital age there are cameras everywhere and that someone is going to see you do it.

In this case it's a broadcast camera, but it could just have easily have been a 14-year old girl's custom Hello Kitty iPhone. Point is if you insist on being a thug --to both your teammates and opponents-- you need to realize that you are often going to get caught.

But getting caught kinda puts a downer on the whole thing so you might try using some of that spray that makes things invisible to cameras but from what I gather it only works on license plates. Or even better you might keep it simple and just not behave in a manner that is consistent with being a tool. The choice is yours but it's just something to think about before your next inappropriate act ends up getting duped 1000 times and ended up on cable somewhere*.

*If get this reference you are old.


Rob Gordon said...

agreed, it's a shame that Wicks played out of his mind for 65+ minutes to keep United in the match...perhaps a transfer to Millwall is in his future

Sterlinho said...

Wicks needs to take some anger management classes.

Disappointed but not bitter said...

Maybe lay off the steroids, too.

Anonymous said...

Kocic now!