Video: From Rancid to Real

It is widely known around Utah punk & footie circles that Rancid's Branden Steineckert is kindasortamaybe into RSL just a little bit. And maybe on certain days he's a little bit of a D.C. United fan as well but we won't ask too many questions because we all know this whole "who do you support?"-thing can get as complex and complicated as season 3 of Lost.

So here we find the former drummer for The Used --I know, I know but we all have a past-- just laid up at the Rio Tinto with RSL's keeper Nick Rimando. I'm sure they have a lot to talk about as keepers are like the drummers of a soccer team: they are all a little nuts, they spend their time on the job looking at the back of their co-workers and if they screw up it all falls apart for the rest of the side.


Anonymous said...

Punk. Rock.

Anonymous said...

to make it more complicated, one of the members of Rancid has quake season tickets and have gone to many matches