Video: Fox Football Fone-In f/Todd Dunivant

How do you like the new Wynalda-packed Fox Football Fone-In? Nice to see King Vulgar back on the airwaves, escpecially with Temryss Lane in tow. And is it jus me or are there a shocking amount of children calling in to this show?


CDavisEllerton said...

Wynalda>Cohen by far. Eric is so controversial, it brings a new dynamic to the show. His on air fights with Nick and the viewers are brilliant. And his views of US Soccer as a former player makes you think about how the American Game needs some changes. They should really add another hour to the show or put it on twice a week. He makes the show that good. As long as he does not call a Champions League game, I will be content.

Anonymous said...

Wynalda was terrible for in game commentary on ESPN, but he is fantastic at stiring up the conversation and making FFF alot more interesting (the old guy put me to sleep). Interesting guys with interesting opinions, even if you don't agree with him.

Was is just me or did Dunivant look like he got hit with a tranquilizer dart before the segment?