Video: ESPN's Inter v. Barcelona Preview

I'm sure many of you are very excited for this week's CONCACAF Champions League matches. I know that I am particularly geeked about seeing how Columbus fares at Saprissa Stadium and I'm hoping that Houston's trip to Pachuca is as wild as their last. But those games aren't until tomorrow night --although D.C. United does paly tonight-- so what is there to do until then?

A good way to kill some time while you wait for those games it watch the UEFA Champions League matches today and tomorrow. Sure it's not nearly as glamorous and is seriously lacking in North American players but as I understand it many people here do actually enjoy watching this sort of thing. Check out ESPN's preview of what appears to the most entertaining match of the round.


Anonymous said...

You honestly think North American football is more exciting? You are really really dumb.

Anonymous said...

What, you can't smell the sarcasm?