Video: Behind the Scenes of U.S.-TNT

More behind the scenes dopeness from U.S. Soccer. This time we get to see what it was really like down in TNT. I love how they get their clothes laid out for them before the game like it's the 1st day of school; very nice of the Fed to let all of their moms travel with the team.


Brian said...

Where did it say anything about all the moms traveling with the team?

SF said...


Who do you think folds all the clothes?

JL said...

ahhh, Brian seems to miss the writing mechanics of SF. He didn't notice the ";" between school and very.

Perhaps Ricardo Clark's family helped with the folding.

Brian said...

Damn public school system failed in teaching me the usage of the ";".

On a side note, Rico's Dad was there. Must of been a very nice moment for him to see his son scoring in his own birth country