Video: Aussie's Drop World Cup 2018 Bid Hateration on USA

I have had a long-standing love affair with many, but not all, things Australian for quite a bit. They're kind of like the Texans of the Commonwealth; in my experience they're generally a happy lot that possess something of a pioneer spirit, can run a mean ranch, they can BBQ and they've produced some of the finest specimens of the female form ever to grace God's creation. I am also still currently obsessed with all manner of Antipodean indie-disco from Cut Copy to Empire of the Sun to PNAU to Ladyhawke to that new rocker from Midnight Juggernauts.

But all of that good stuff falls to the side, when it comes to securing the bid for World Cup 2018. I know it's some cold sh*t, but when it comes to this issue we are not friends. And by the looks of the video above they feel the same way. So feel free to counter the negativity with some positivity and visit GoUSABid.com and sign the petition if you haven't already. And if you feel the need to do a little something more may I suggest a full-stop boycott of Outback Steakhouse.


Jamie said...

I'm with you on the Aussies, but Pip Brown is a Kiwi! And as everyone knows, New Zealand is Australia's Canada.

SF said...


That is exactly why I chose the word "antipodean" instead of Australian.

Jamie said...

Touche! Missed that in my skimming.

Why can't/don't they make music like that in the States?

Brian said...

Not too worried...I hear the Aussies are having major funding and stadium issues.