USMNT: Powered By Howard


You like that? TOR reader/masochist Aaron Rutsay knocked this out a while back for us and I think it would look great on a t-shirt, car bumper, banner or subway car. Feel free to download a large size of this image and spread the matchday Howard Power as you see fit.

As for our Timmy, he's taking no chances tonight in TNT...which means we have a real chance at TNT.


Jay-Five said...

If these do make it as far as t-shirts let me know. I'm down for a large

andrewdiceway said...

Just used the high quality image to put together a "Powered by Howard" shop at Cafe Press. It's even got a damn clock. Used the base price on everything (no one's making money but Cafe Press):


SF: if Aaron wants to make money on his work (making the assumption that more folks than Jay-Five and me buy a t-shirt... Or a clock), let me know and I can mark everything up a dollar and send the proceeds his way.

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