Toronto FC Seeks Domestic Bliss


I'd like to address U.S.-based TOR readers for a moment if I could...everybody else go get a tall, decaf, skinny mocha-chino or something for a minute. Cool? OK.

Now (as I channel my inner Bernie Mac) listen to me America. I'm no financial expert and I don't claim to be. But if our nation's large and small businesses would "buy American, hire American" with the frequency that Mo Johnston is buying Canadian, hiring Canadian we could fix this whole economic freakshow that we are currently sack-deep in by MLS Cup weekend. That's not a recovery plan, that's just good sense.

It may have taken three long seasons of being mired in misery but Toronto FC has finally figured that out and now, for the first time I believe but correct me if I am wrong, has more Canadians than Americans on it's payroll. I can't say if the new, enhanced maple-flavour of TFC is strictly based on player ability or if it's Mo & co.'s land grab to secure as many native players as possible before Vancouver and --quite possibly Montreal's-- arrival into the league. It doesn't matter though; either way, it's just good sense.


gghb said...

you didn't have to add the "I'm no financial expert" part. Those of us who know how to read figured that out from the surrounding text.

Brian said...

Cool, a picture instead of a video that I can't watch..

Dirk Digital said...


Update your flash plug-ins, works most of the time.

Nick Poleto said...

I like the player grab idea, never would have thought that, but it would certainly be in TFC's best interest to get the few good Canuckistanis available before Vancouver and Montreal, good insight.