Red Bull Arena Has Better TV's Than I Do (Obviously)

I'm not exactly sure how interested anyone is in this but Panasonic are outfitting Red Bull Arena with all of it's video screens and TV's. That's cool. I like to to watch TV and go to soccer games so why not do both at the same time?

Perhaps Panasonic would like to become The Official Technology Partner of SF's House? While I won't ever have 25,000 people over to watch a game, I can ensure that the maybe 8 people that will come over to watch a game will be top-shelf, highly-influential sonsofbitches (I try to keep the living room kinda exclusive, ya know). Can I get a hookup?


tfina said...

"While I won't ever have 25,000 people over to watch a game,"

Don't worry, neither will Red Bull

UnionCityBlue said...

haha you beat me tfina !

SF said...

Slow clap for tfina.

Anonymous said...

i dont get it

i see more than one person not named erik stover working on the stadium in this video?

i thought he was too busy working on the stadium to fire JCO and Agoos back in May?

Pat C said...

did anyone catch the kid waving the red bull sign while wearing a mets t-shirt? thats says loyalty

Alan said...

I like the 52" Samsung I have in my living room. :)