NSR: Passion Pit Live from Juan's Basement

Six months on, I'm still stuck on "The Reeling". PP are really having a moment right now what with being on every late-night chat show available, two upcoming gigs at Central Park with this summer's other "it-band" Phoenix, and the fact that every time I DJ there is a seemingly endless parade of cute young indie chicks asking me to drop "Sleepyhead".

But I never play "Sleepyhead" as I find the shrieking vocals to be the least sexiest sound this side of Lonnie The Voice-Crack Guy from the Galaxy games, you know the one that was in that movie a while back.

So I stick with "The Reeling" and all of it's associated remixes (although I do mess with "Swimming in the Flood from time to time) because to put it in simple terms that any music fan understand, "it's my sh*t". The clip above is from the excellent Juan's Basement on P4K. If you've never been there you should visit.


Anonymous said...

Best Passion Pit song is "To Kingdom Come"

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