NSR: The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother (Live)"

1 White Stripe + 1 Queen of the Stone Age + 1 Raconteur + the sexy one out of The Kills = The Dead Weather.


Sean said...

Should be 1 Greenhorn, not 1 Raconteur.

Raconteurs = 1 White Stripe + 2 Greenhorns + 1 Brandon Benson

Me, Here said...

Yes, but the transitive property of equality tells us that if Little Jack = member of Greenhorns, and Greenhorns = members of Raconteurs, then Little Jack = Raconteur.

Or, uh, something like that. Furthermore, by this strict definition of yours, Dean Fertita should be identified as a Waxwing, not a QOTSA. (Of course, we could kind of call him a Raconteur as well.)

At any rate, eggghh. This is a decent clip, but the Dead Weather is definitely the weakest of Jack White's projects. Not much "there" there.