LA: Let's Get Ready To Rumble



I would like to see Landon and David as a tag team wrestling duo. No masks though, because they are too pretty for that and it would take away from the gate receipts (got to keep the ladies, and AEG --who would be the exclusive promoters for all of their bouts-- happy). They could each have signature moves though; Landon could cross himself before he jumps from the top rope and David could deliver a paralyzing free kick to the groin. As for arch enemies it would have to be Dema Kovalenko and Yura Movsissyan...those two reformed Soviets seem like they could both deliver and take a chair to the face.


Jay-Five said...

Landon's forehead would not fit under a standard human sized mask anyways...

Rob Gordon said...

i love a good dema kovalenko reference