Kevin Alston and Amaechi Igwe To Drop Rap Album

Suggested song titles for the upcoming KA and Mech Boy album, the most hotly-anticipated hip hop record since Bizarre for D12's Hanni Cap Circus. It's not due to drop until 1.31.10 (because the streets can wait for this one) but I thought I'd get an early start in lending my keen music business acumen to the project. So without further adieu...
  • Foxborough Funk
  • New England's Most Carded
  • SUV's (Our Parking Lot's Got 'Em)
  • She's Krafty (Beastie Boys remake)
  • Revolutionaries f/TT and Bald Head Slim
  • Ill-Advised Ragga-Rap Song (f/Kheli "Lucky" Dube and Shalrie Jospeh)
  • Red Head Kingpins f/Jeff Larentowicz and Pat Phelan
  • One Day (We'll Win the Cup)
  • Nicol & Dime You
  • Massachusetts: We Go Somewhat Hard and Then We Say "F*ck It, Let's Go Home".

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