Gabriel Ferrari Is My Type of Dude


If you frequent some of the more discerning party photo sites like Hi Fi Cartel, The Midnight Socialite and Last Night's Party you may on occasion see U-20/Foggia/former Metrostars academy product Gabriel Ferrari's mug in there scattered amongst those of the young, sexy and fashionable. I like it. I wish more domestic-based players were a staple on the late-night social scene a la classic Cletus. The photo above was snapped at the Major Lazer gig at S.O.B.'s a little while back; dude has damn good taste in music.

He's also got a damn good chance at making an impact in Seria A. ESPN's Ravi Ubha caught up with the striker-cum-DJ-cum-blogger and talked about his recent run of good form and good fortune (he's not injured or benched for once!). Read it, then make the prerequisite "Cap him now!" comment.


Anonymous said...

is that sacha klesjtan behind to his left? hahahaha noooottt

rupert murdoch said...

What kind of sick freak frequents a "party photo site?"

I weep for the nation just knowing such a thing exists.

dutchtwista said...

murdoch - you've obviously never visited the best party photo sites b/c they often feature some great candid, verite soft-porn as well as some arty style.

Last Nights Party Cobrasnake and my fave Village Slum document youth culture with insider perspective and often arty style. it may seem frivolous if you don't participate in the worlds these sites represent but i think these snapshots of nightlife demimondes have purpose and meaning.

Anonymous said...

dutchtwista- it is frivolous. you're a silly person. live your own life. even people who are obsessed with partying usually arent obsessed with watching other people party.

that't just sad.

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