"Dude WTF? Mo Over There Wild'n."


"Dude WTF? Mo Over There Wild'n." That is how our man FERENGI® put it in an email this afternoon and it seems like a fairly accurate description. It seems that the former TFCer has quickly become something of a Scots tabloid favorite despite seeing little of the field. Yes America, we truly have arrived on the world stage.

This week has to be his high-water mark to date. For the ladies and homosexualists he's appearing topless in No.1 Magazine, which we're told (by them) is "
The must-read magazine for all Scottish Women". And for the "glamour models or erotic dancers", there is a very compelling report in The Scottish Sun on Mo's prolific/promiscuous Twitter habits complete with "a look at Edu's Top Ten Twitter followers" (of which is Nyla B. is most suited to my oh-so-discerning taste).

Then there is the "exclusive" in the Scots edition of News of the World. Check the headline below and tell me you don't want to read it just a little, itty-bitty, pocket-sized Ritchie Williams bit.

It's a pretty tawdry read but a lot of us are pretty tawdry people so get stuck into what might be the first printed tale of an alleged "get it & quit it" by an American Outsourced to Europe™. At this rate dude will be photographed falling out of a nightclub, accused of a training ground bust-up and sleeping over at Paris Hilton's place by Christmas. Well maybe not the last one because Paris Hilton isn't down with brown but watch out cuz Mo is heading big, big things.


Me, Here said...

It's kind of weird how long Edu has been out of action now. The only thing weirder, actually, is how little the Yanks-Abroad brigade has been obsessing over it. The guy barely even gets mentioned at BigSoccer anymore, which for better or worse is a decent barometer of the going U.S. soccer conversation.

It's almost like everyone is forgetting how wonderfully he was starting to perform at Rangers right before the injury.

Very odd, the whole thing.

Brian said...

Dude is all over that site





Has Mo officially reached Cletus status?

Anonymous said...

At this rate, he'll be watching the World Cup on TV instead of playing in it. No wonder he's off form. Brother needs to grow up and handle it.

Then again, not bad for a guy from Fontana(aka Fontucky).

Julian said...

He paid his dues growing up in Fontana. Imagine how out of place he must have felt at the weekly Klan rally? Now it's good to be Mo. *sigh* Mrs Dee, I'll stay in with you for a good 2 1/2 weeks or so. Cawl me.

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