FIFA 10 Demo Drops Today

You may or may not hear from me today; the FIFA 10 demo hits today and I may very well spend every free minute that I am not occupied with Mr. Mom duties giving it a thorough test-drive. So while I may be deep in the gamehole today, be sure to check out my dude Andrew's gaming blog MMOMFG later today for a few of his early impressions.


Brian K said...

FIFA 10 demo came out a week ago...if you've got a Euro account. PES demo also comes out today. Give it a spin.

I was unimpressed with the FIFA 10 demo. Every single player feels the same. Messi can't run past Chicago's D? Uh...ok.

Fructose Wizard said...

That site has some good news posts. Looking forward to the early impressions soon. Not up yet, but I'll have to check back in a bit.

Andrew said...

Impressions are up now, wizard. have at it.

EricJ said...

Fifa passes are all ping-pongy ha. Its a good MLS game :)

sin ong said...

Wow! I would like to get my hands on the game!

Ricky from How to train a Puppy