...And Playing the Part of "Kurt Loder" is Greg Lalas


An interview that can't happen is Greg Lalas talking with Gavin Rossdale over a scotch about the mixed blessing of having a close relation who is a bit more famous than you. Perhaps at the end of said conversation they would have boded over their shared place in life, become BFF's and agree to start a Slade-influenced metal band called Lesser Icons with Greg on drums, Gavino on guitar/vox and Jamar Beasley on bass.

Like I say, it just can't happen, but what did happen is our Greg chatting with the former Bush frontman/lucky S.O.B. who gets sire children with Gwen Stefani about music, family and his semi-secret semi-pro footballing past. It's a two-parter so don't blow your attention wad to early.

Part one (the opener) is here, part two (the headliner) is here.

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