1 a.m. Rambings Post-The Rapture Show


Here is my awful "posed with someone more well-known, thinner & taller than me" photo with The Rapture's Luke Jenner. I just got home from the semi-comeback gig at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ and I have a few beery things to say about it so please bear with me.

1. You CANNOT deny the power of a good cowbell/saxophone player. On the same stage that Clarence Clemons regularly rocked the same combo of instruments back in the day for The E Street Band, Gabriel Andruzzi held it down.

2. It's nice to see a band that I last saw playing a baseball stadium with Daft Punk go back and keep it kinda punk-rock and man the merch table themselves. At said table I got into a cypher with Vito the drummer about how unnecessary a major label is, New Jersey gentrification and, of course, a little footie. (Go New York, Go New York!)

3. Any concerns about their material not holding up after such a prolonged absence are without merit; as my dude Kevin from Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said, if you can move a room full of jaded indie fans with material that is 3 years old (which is something like 47 blog years) your sh*t is tight.

4. I now get why people drink Budweiser; it's cheap and you can drink that stuff for days without actually feeling like you actually have been drinking beer for days.

5. If you were curious about what the bass-playing situation would be like in the post-Matty Safer era you will be happy to know that Harris Klahr from Q And Not U is more than competent on bass/keys/background vocals duty. He also looks a lot like Rob Corddry these days.

6. As feared, the post-Matty Safer era set list obviously does not include "Sister Savior".


7. Stopping by the positively rammed Nicole Atkins gig at the Kill Brand store afterward was soooo not a good idea. She was already done, and there were way too many people in a small space. Sometimes you have to know when to call it a night...which is exactly what I am going to do right now.

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Adam said...

My drunkiments, exactly.