Video: Kenny Cooper Scores Against Some Team Called Karlsruhe

Frankencooper's doing it big isn't he? Or as big as you can in the German second division.


Paul said...

"Some Team Called Karlsruhe"? You're joking, right? they were a 1 Bundesliga team just last year and stayed up for several seasons before that.

Like Freiburg they tend to move up and down between the first and second division. No slouches though. Having said all that, if these highlights are any indication defense in 2 Bundesliga looks on par with MLS.

SF said...

"You're joking, right?"

This entire excerise that is known as TOR is a joke. You'd do well not to read too much into anything I say.

Anonymous said...

hah! owned, Paul

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Dude, he's kissing the badge already?