Sportscenter: They'll Let Anybody In The Studio These Days

I'm impressed by two things in this clip. First and foremost it has to be said that for all his faults, ol' Goldenballs is easily the best dressed dude to ever appear on Sportscenter; have you seen some of the things Michael Irvin has worn on there? Good God!

The other thing I like is that the first question asked was about his back and whether he'll be able to go against Barcelona. As basic as that seems I feel that U.S. reporters are often so busy talking about the off-field drama with him that they forget to ask about issues pertinent to the athletic and sporting aspects of Brand Beckham.

Do you know that at his press conference ahead of the RBNY match last month not a single reporter --not one of the regular soccer beat writers, not the mainstream sports guys, and certainly no one from Reuters, AP, CNN or any of the other big international media outlets that were in the room-- asked him about the sore ankle he was receiving treatment on the week leading up to the match? You know what the first 3 questions were about? The AC Milan transfer drama.

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