Sacha on Video Games, Soccer's Popularity and the LA Clippers

It's bad enough that Sacha plays for Chivas USA. Now we find out that dude is a Clippers fan as well?! Jesus. It's like he wants to be second fiddle, like he's the LA sports equivalent of Turtle from Entourage or something. Shit, I bet if we checked his car stereo we'd discover that he actually prefers Warren G to Snoop Dogg. Only in LA.


Sean said...

Shouldn't he actually do something on the field for the first time in months, and then we can start caring about what he has to say?

Anonymous said...

WTF? What's wrong with playing for Chivas USA? OH yeah, nevermind our owners suck balls. Preki sucks balls. Now our team sucks balls. Sacha K is the biggest asshole in the history of the club.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm from NY and am probably moving to LA and you can bet your ass I won't be going to any Lakers games. I hate everything about that team right down to their ridiculous name that makes no sense, so yeah I'd root for the Clippers. Don't see why that's hard to believe. But I don't know why Sacha is on the cover, or Blanco either. Why not Jozy in a Hull jersey? or Montero in the new jewel of the league Seattle jersey. Dempsey, Feilhaber, Cooper, Ching, Emilio, Huckerby, DeRo, Keller all would have been better choices.