Raw Talk with Houston GM, SF On the Signing of Landin

I know there is much more salacious and highly-anticipated news out there in MLSland to talk about today but I like to avoid the obvious if at all possible. So let's talk about the Luis Angel Landin signing. Just for a minute. Then I'm going back to chopping out this pineapple I bought at the farmer's market (I'm hooked on pineapples at the moment; it works well with alcohol and grilled meats so it's basically the perfect summer food.)

I'm not a Dynamo fan but this is one of the dopest things to happen to the league in a minute on the player side of things. For me, the signing of a young, capped, foreign forward as a DP instead of another Marcelo Gallardo or Denilson is worthy of nothing short of a celebration in the streets and a blood sacrifice to the deity of your choice. Coupled with the recent decision to make an honest woman out of Colombia's most potent export that is not coffee or cocaine -- who incidentally is also a young, capped foreign forward -- and we're making serious progress toward making the image of the league's premier players look less and less like a casting call for another Cocoon sequel.

I know these are only two signings but hopefully in the coming transfer windows it becomes a more common occurrence because only when Major League Soccer can woo the young, in-demand talent away from other leagues with regularity can we truly say we've arrived. But that's just me...and I've got issues.

So how about we see what Oliver Luck have to say about Landin? I'm sure he's got a better handle on this than I do. He also looks better in a suit than I do; too much alcohol and grilled meats.

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