Press Pass on the Azteca Jinx, SF on a Ramble

Shaka says the Azteca is not that difficult. Janusz says it is. Mind you neither of them ever won a match there as players but hey, most people who aren't Mexican don't. Do you think we'll break the jinx this year? I hope so because if we can't do it now --Gold Cup final aside, Mexico are reeling and the Yanks are stuntin'--we may never do it.

Yet deep inside there is some sick, self-hating part of me that wants it to continue just to have something to complain about. I have a couple of friends who are Boston Red Sox fans that swear that now that the Curse of the Bambino has been lifted it's just not as fun anymore. And Lord knows reveling a sense of collective damnation is certainly part of the appeal of supporting the New York MLS franchise.

To some degree I think every culture needs a boogieman and for American Soccer that boogieman is a 107K capacity pit brimming with smog, projectiles and the unpleasant scent of repeated failure. Now don't get me wrong here, I want us to win and win big. Coupled with the Spain win, this would be an epic one-two punch that the American game needs. But we still need a reliable, comfortable enemy to keep pushing us on.

Take the 1980's for instance. Remember how tight that sh*t was? It was all hair-metal, happy-rap and new-wave goodness. You know why? Because if we didn't we were just as bad as communist Russia so we had to show the world that we knew how party. Then the wall comes down, the U.S.S.R. breaks up quicker than Velvet Revolver and we no longer have a great, evil enemy or an epic quest ahead of us. Next thing you know it's the 1990's and everyone is listening to 12" mixes of Ace of Base records...just like the Russians.

Wait, where was I going with all this? F*ck. Wait, no. I dunno. The point is good needs evil and Azteca is evil at 7,300 feet. If we win it will come at a cost, and that cost would be creating an imbalance in the force.


Mr. Fish said...

Hey Janusz! Mexico last missed the WC in 1990, paving the way for the Shot Heard Round the World.

SF, I agree with the challenges of scaling that last mountain (The Azteca). If we win, what's the next hurdle? Winning in Argentina? Brazil? England? Spain?

Should we pull an Australia and leave CONCACAF for S. America? We'll have to find another immovable object to cast away.

That said... dos a cero.

Rumblefish said...

Agreed SF...I'm pulling for a high-scoring draw, 2-2 or so. And I want one of the Mexico goals to be a highly questionable PK.

That would give plenty to complain about, but we'd feel better because we know we should have won. And it keeps that precious Zero in the wins column at Azteca.

A draw would be good for everybody (except everybody in Mexico)...we get our point an qualifying is that much easier, and more importantly Mexico doesn't get 2 points they should always get in Azteca, and the rest of their qualifying campaign becomes even more highly entertaining, with the juicy proposition of Mexico watching South Africa on TV.

Martek said...

I agree with almost completely. But consider this: If the US were to win, would that truly mean we didn't have a huge opponent just south of us?

What's better, an implacable foe that is teetering (like Mexico now), or a really, really tough foe that is constantly plotting to rip your lungs out (which is what we'll get if we win Wednesday)?

I'll settle for Door No. 2. Though, to be honest, a draw would have me on Cloud Nueve as well.

Anonymous said...

Regarding that New York team you support, thought you might enjoy:

Anonymous said...

Whomever wins tomorrow, will not be the King of CONCACAF or (El Papa).
Just my 2 centavos.

Mingo said...

You should really ramble on more often SF. Highly enjoyable. :D

equus said...

I was really confident in our chances until I found out that ESPN was going to be on location doing a 30-minute pre-game show.

While I'm glad that they're giving it the coverage it deserves, when ESPN hypes the USMNT to no end is when we usually fall short and then the Worldwide Leader says, "See? We told you so."

drneon said...

Oh boy! Here comes the North American Ego once again...

You need a permanent evil enemy to fight ¿right? But only if the war happens outside your borders. That's what the USA really is.

Sorry pal, but at least in soccer history, the USA just don't exist.
You said that Azteca is evil ¿oh, really? but, ¿where's the good one? ¿Where is your Wembley? ¿Where is your Maracaná? ¿Where is your Azteca?

If you don't even have a Soccer Icon Stadium... ¿What makes you think that Mexico care so much about the USA Team?

North Americans have so little history... No wonder why you make museums to Coca-Cola Bottles or stuff like that.

Good luck tomorrow fanboys.

May the best team win.

Ibby said...

You do realize that Coca-Cola adverts cover the entire lower bowl of your shrine, right?


Anonymous said...

Our wembley is in Columbus. You know, the place where you got your ass handed to you 3 times this decade. Go fuck yourself, and enjoy when we take the last thing your country has tommorow afternoon

Anonymous said...

hey drneon, i bet you live in the USA now though don't you? shut the fuck up...mexico has shit on us. go throw some more feces, urine, and batteries at opposing players you nasty fuck.

drneon said...

Oh yeah!

Columbus, that little town that Pancho Villa Burned in 1916, right?
Thts's your Wembley, really? Funny!


The Evil Empire, humillated & defeated, once again.

Mingo said...

Meh. Not really surprised we lost when I saw the US start bunkering in the first half.

Oh well. Time for El Sal and T&T next month.

Beto Cárdenas said...

2 al hilo perras!!!
con todo respeto.

2 in a row bitch!

with respect.

Mingo said...

Thems the breaks. :)
See you guys in South Africa.