Jason Garey Loves Cabelas as Much as Columbus


Before you start typing a half-thought out, rager of a comment because of the photo please read this article. I ain't calling anybody names, I'm just quoting our man Jason Garey. As he tells it to the Columbus Dispatch he's something of a ruralist who's down with fishing, firearms and Eddie Gaven yet he's still too chicken to touch a 9-foot hammerhead shark. Now I can totally relate to that last part and I am something of an Eddie Gaven fan so I guess that makes be a half-redneck.

So you see I ain't hatin' on one of U. Of Maryland's finest. My only beef with Jason Garey is that he hails from a town that claims to be the "Jambalaya Capital of the World"; I respectfully call bullsh*t on that because in all actuality that title belongs to my grandmother's kitchen which is located in Carencro, LA.

You know what? F*ck it! We should have a PK shootout for the title...Jason, where you at?


Anonymous said...

he was a great terp, but lets not hail him md's finest... twellman, stammler, goodson, califf, edu, seitz, plus. they could have their own mls team

SF said...


I think you just gave a novel suggestion for the All-Star format next year: MLS All Stars vs. UofM legends.

Clem said...

Columbus has a Cabelas? Wait, what's a Cabelas?