I Guess It's a Slow News Day in Rochester, NY

Some of the citizenry, including local bar owner Joe Pizzo, are not impressed with the Rochester Rhinos and their stadium. As for me, I am not impressed the city's faux-Kent Brockman news anchor.


Anonymous said...

haters hate, I hope the Rhinos shut those idiots up.

chris said...

sf i noticed you post a lot about the rhinos. are you from rochester?

Jeff said...

no one wants to go to that dudes bar cause it looks like a dumb and he is a total sleazeball

Super Rookie said...

How old is that video?

I can't even find a bar owned by Joe Pizzo to not visit when in Rochester.

Anonymous said...

yeah they mentioned Paetec park opening last year, Paetec park was opened in 2006 and is now called Marina Auto Stadium.

Kevin said...

SF, no offense, but I don't think you really know what is going on here, so try not to comment too much about what you don't know about.

I live in Rochester, and I love the Rhinos.

First, this video is not current. It's not even from this season. 2007 was the last time the stadium was called "PAETEC Park." 2008 was Rhinos Stadium and 2009 has been Marina Autos Stadium.
Also, the news anchor is Don Alhart, he is fantastic and a legend in Rochester, and I am greatly offended that you would besmirch his good name. If anything, Kent Brockman is a faux-Don Alhart (that's probably a little too true).

And the ferry the people talk about? That was a horribly bungled public project, that cost the city and taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, now with nothing to show for it. The ferry was a saga that took place over the past decade or so, and the stadium was built with some overlap in that time period. So the area is now very critical and distrustful of public projects.

And while the stadium in and of itself is okay (although I hate the artificial turf), the city and the team bungled so many things about that too - especially location and promotion of the new stadium. The stadium has made a horrible first impression, which has cemented itself into a large part of the population in the area.

In their last facility, games were vibrant and exciting - they played in the local minor league baseball stadium, and games were like a party. While there were possibly some shenanigans with ticket giveaways resulting in a lot of sellouts, the atmosphere and all that was top-notch.

And it's not really a slow news day when a local institution, the Rhinos, is about to go under, which is what almost happened. I don't know if you've ever lost a sports team, but I have, and I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone (I'm also a Bills fan, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone either, based on team performance, and the constant threat of the team moving to another city).

Sorry I just rambled and got all "holier than thou," but I get defensive when people talk bad about my town, especially when they don't know much about it.

As much as I love the Rhinos, and I'm glad we have our own SSS, the whole thing was handled poorly, and was missed opportunity.

Just to further prove that I'm a ignorant jerk, this is my snappy one-liner to put you in your place:

"I guess it's a slow news day at The Offside Rules"

I know that was a harsh zinger, but I hope you learned your lesson and I won't have to do it again. (Although thats the part I don't get...this was arguably the biggest soccer day of the year, at least for the USMNT, why sit on this until now? Or I guess it would be fair to presume you just found it, since you seem to think it was recent.)

I could ramble on more, but this is clearly not constructive, and my thoughts are clearly not very organized.

Long live Don Alhart

Anonymous said...

another Rochester native here, repped on that last comment. Notice its snowing and the temp in screen says 20 something. Not current. I still love the blog though SF, keep it up man.

Ibby said...

"I don't know if you've ever lost a sports team, but I have, and I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone"

Hahaha, that made me laugh out loud. It's a USL team, not your child.

Nate said...

Rochester... I don't care about your stadium, or your local pissy bar owners, I just ask one thing. As a fellow USL fan (RCTID), please upgrade your logo. It looks like a clip art I made on Kid Pix.

Linette said...

Good Lord.

The whole "Rochester is going under" story was covered extensively, back when this film was made. The team was refinanced, there is new ownership, the city released the additional funding and the team has moved on.

How in the world did you not ever hear a whiff of that story back when it was going on?

This is simply sloppy and stupid.

What makes it worse is your nasty, sarcastic, smartass heading. First of all because it's YOU who apparently have nothing better to talk about (hard to believe on the same day the US is playing mexico) and second because, excuse me but how is it you feel that a city possibly losing it's professional soccer team, which has been there for 20 years or so, isn't somehow a noteworthy news story?

I love your blog normally, but this is just terrible and you should be ashamed. This is crap.

Anonymous said...

hey, can everyone chill? he didn't kill anyone's grandma. pobody's nerfect.

Anonymous said...

This story is 2 years old, guy! Get up to date, why fon't you!

Clampdown said...

Whoa! Rochester fans getting their panties in a bunch.

I hope you "learned your lesson," SF!