A Few Words From The TOR Dept. of Late Night Disappointment Posts


Without passion,
you’re a fashion
How long can you fake it?

A few choice lyrics from "Lien On Your Dreams" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club which I would like to dedicate to any Euro-centric soccer fans out there in America who tonight feel the need to start an "English-style" supporters club for their local side. I'm not hating on anyone but why there is something wrong with having our own style I will never know; whatever happened to American originality? Perhaps it's all down to that word, "style", and some people's fandom being more about that than substance.


JL said...

It's like walking with your OK looking girlfriend and then walking past your old buddy from high school holding hands and smooching with a hot bombshell. At somepoint, you're pretending your old buddy's girl singing that pussycat dolls song.

But, it IS your girl and you picked her. She's fun, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you angry. She does things that make you go wild in your pants and you can't get enough of it.

Anonymous said...


Good analogy.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Oh, I don't know, SF. All of the supporters groups here in America seem to borrow from a variety of cultures. Personally, I find the drums and horns to be incredibly annoying, yet fans here have adopted that. If someone wants to start a new club, then go ahead, I say. At least, they're interested.

SF said...

I ain't mad at him I just don't get it personally. And I think the more the merrier in general (except for the tired, faux hooligan stuff). It is sad though when cats want to ape another country rather than create something original.

I think that's what is great about ESC; half the songs are in Spanish, and the other half are odes to prostitution and Ramones covers.