Coming Up Trumps With the USMNT

ESPN's Wayne Dreys has spent the summer embedded with Bob Bradley's boys and has come back with what for my money is one of the most forward-thinking chronicles of American soccer in a minute. Packaging both the written word and an excellent multi-media gallery into an attractive, detailed chronology, it's an intimate peek into all of this summer's card-sharkin' and ass-kickin' by the U.S. MNT from Miami to Mexico City (though conspicuously absent is the ill-fated Gold Cup run).

Seriously, I never want to read another boring tournament post-mortem again; the bar has been raised and this is what I want. Bristol if you can hear me, please don't stop.

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awiebe said...

That locker room and practice footage in Costa Rica is precious precious stuff. Same with the Gooch interview. I just wish we could have gotten the same insight into the Confed Cup run.

If you want to get a generation hooked on soccer, and specifically US Soccer, give them a little taste of that once and awhile. We need these guys to be tangible personalities dealing with adversity, boredom and the weight of their own dreams instead of canned sound bites. Its all there in that tiny locker room under a bunch of nutty Costa Ricans.