Bobby Convey: Remember When He Was Suppossed to Be Somebody?


I used to be a big Bobby Convey fan and so did a lot of other people a few short years ago. Along with Cam Weaver, I thought he was going to be a big story in San Jose this year but this season has been something of a disappointment for me...and the San Jose Mercury News.

He still a youngish guy so he's got a bit of time turn it all around but maybe a change of scenery to somewhere that doesn't also have Darren Huckerby on the flank would help him out. Philadelphia, what say you? Would you like to bring the local boy home?


Wolfie said...

I hope the Union does not take Convey. The SOBs do want him, though.

Homey Boehme said...

just goes to show what injuries can do to a players career.