Bill Simmons Is Now Officially One of Us


We got one. Finally. It's not Jim Rome but that's never going to happen so why even entertain the thought (and really when you think about it would we every really want him?). ESPN's Bill Simmons is a fantastic writer/sports nut and even though he has written about European and World Cup soccer before, by his own admission has been a soccer hater from time-to-time. But a funny thing happened on the way back from Mexico City; he caught the fever and we're not talking H1N1.

Today's Page 2 piece is a Bill's Eye View of the Azteca and it's the damn near perfect. For me the best thing about getting one of the most influential voices in mainstream sportswriting to "get it" is that he can write about the game and the experiences surrounding it in a way that the average Jets/Mets/Islanders fan can digest it as easily as chicken wings with a plastic cup full of beer on the side. Who can't appreciate a line like: "Michael Vick could crash a PETA rally and get a friendlier reception than the Americans did at Azteca"?

Now if we can just get him to select an MLS side to follow instead of a Premiership club, then we might be heading into true breakthrough territory.


Hillcrest said...


Barrak said...

If it came up, he'd follow the Revs. He is the homer of all homers.

Still, a nice piece by him.

chris said...

... or Chivas. He has Clippers season tickets, after all.

US Soccer Spot said...

I find him entirely annoying at times, but I did like this article. Good to see he's coming around.