Argentine League Delayed Due to Brokeassed-ness


Now this is scary. The financials are so bad within the Argentine league that next week's scheduled kickoff has been delayed indefinitely. You know the recent AFL demise began with a suspension of one season and it doesn't look set to recover. I'm not saying it's going to happen but I'm just saying that there is an outside chance it could happen.

Something to think about next time you are writing a 300 word diatribe on the messageboard of your choice about how MLS should spend more money on everything from players to facilities to toilet paper; they propably should but now just may not be the best time.

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KCB said...

MLS, and it's supporters, should take heed. Yes this is a different league, different structure, different country economics, whatever. The effect the economy has on football should not be downplayed, especially with a developing league. Great Post.