Video: That Kenny Cooper Goal

Why anyone would ever leave Big Kenny all by his lonesome to loiter in the 6-yard box like that I will never know, but I do applaud them for their poor defending. Thank you Honduras for making my dream come true...a U.S.-Mexico in New York!


pedrostar said...

How horrible is that Gold Cup graphic in the lower third?! God, it's been killing me all tournament. Ya never put the scoring graphic on the bottom of the screen in soccer! And sometimes they even have two score graphics at the same time! Ay carumba FSC.

jamesey said...

the graphic on the bottom is the official Gold Cup graphic. All FIFA tourney's have a bottom of the screen graphic that pops (in addition to whatever network graphics are shown) up every 15 minutes. It just so happens that the Gold Cup graphic is ugly and spacious.

anyways, great goal from start to finish.

3VIL L33T said...

It's about time coop showed up... hope he does it again against mexico