Video: Santino Quaranta Testifies

Like a lot of other bloggers out there today, I'm tipping my hat to Santino Quaranta for the goal against Honduras last night at RFK. To score your first international goal in front of your family and home crowd after all the sh*t he's been through has to feel amazing. The only thing that would make it better would be for him to have a vajeen so that the Lifetime Original movie "Pills, Tats and Balls: The Santino Qauranta Story" could be greenlit by Monday.


ectomes said...

I promise I'm not always pedantic, but it's Quaranta, SF. "U" before the "A".

And I need some hot summer beats. It's been too long since your last music rec!

Dave in San Jose said...

Why the Bobby Convey tag? Are you trying to give that slacker Convey a subtle hint?
"Look, loser. Getting back on the USMNT is do-able. You just have to quit your whining, grow a pair, and play soccer again!"
See the recent Convey interview where he moaned about how the USMNT was a bunch of meanies who didn't like him.

Binks said...

Sorry, I missed the goal. I was paying more attention to the fact that 2/3 of soccer supporters in the DC area had no idea that DC United wasn't playing based on their wardrobe choices.

Way to support the nats douchebags.