Video: Real Talk From Landon Donovan

I saw this clip on Sportscenter and nearly spit out my drink*. It's one thing for The Beckham Experiment to get all this attention in the soccersphere but it's some whole other sh*t for it to make it on to ESPN. Maybe John Anderson is right; Oprah's couch --with an assist from Dr. Phil-- just might be the place to get this beef squashed.

* the official TOR libation of summer 2009 is "the Short Rib", which is a cocktail with jalapeno-infused tequila, rum, lime juice and pomegranate molasses. Finally some found a way to make alcohol taste like BBQ!


DJC said...

I'm not making the case that Donovan is a better player than Beckham, but the stats they flash at the end of the piece are pretty stunning. Donovan has more international caps and more international goals than Beckham and is seven years younger.

Really demonstrates the lack of respect Donovan gets in international soccer (and in many parts of the U.S.).

Mateo said...

@DJC, I think you are right. It is pretty crazy to see those stats side-by-side. It really is too bad that Donovan doesn't get more recognition.

amy said...

bbq flavored alcohol... sick.