Video: M&T Bank Stadium Ready for Soccer Debut

The sod is laid at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium and Maryland's footie freaks are all geeked up for tomorrow night's sold out AC Milan-Chelsea match. The Baltimore Sun says there are a lot hopes riding on the match, including that of the Chelsea-bankrolled Baltimore Bays youth team. The Sun also has a great slide show of Charm City soccer history that is worth checking out.

Now...who wants a Natty Boh and a pit beef sandwich?


Michael said...

Natty Boh? Not so much. Clipper City? Aye. Brewer's Art Resurrection? Most definitely. Pit beef? Oh, HELL yeah.

Gonna be great tomorrow.

Jonathan deShetler said...

whats the name of the piece in this video? Sounds kind of like a Reich.

dutchtwista said...

pit beef?... "Oh inDEED" (c) Omar

soccer goals said...

the field looks good.