Video: Chatting With ChivaGirl Tiffany

Describes herself as "loving" and loves to do the chest-thrust on the dance floor. Any takers gentlemen?


Anonymous said...

I want to violate this girl's anus in ways even she can't imagine.

SF said...

Wow. Really dude? You're going to go there? As the first comment? Usually it takes 4 or 5 before we get that level of oversharing; the bar has now been lowered.

Anonymous said...

Hey SF, usually I'm 100% against removing posts, but the cat above is out of line.

She didn't do anything to warrant that kind of crudeness...

I'd like to think we, your loyal readers, are a little cleverer, and on rare, rare occasions, more sophisticated than that.

Think it all you want, vaguely allude to it if you must, but don't post it unless it refers to the Mexican national team, or Jorge Larrionda.

George said...

^^^ I disagree with Anonymous #2 and second Anonymous #1's motion.

All say yeah? YEAH

The yeahs have it!!