Press Pass on the Whole Donovan-Beckham Palava

Shaka Hislop, Adrian Healy and Middlesbrough legend (if such a thing really exists) Robbie Mustoe on the current Shaq and Kobe-esque issues between Goldenballs and Lando. To be honest (and a jerk) I can't say I didn't see it coming. Shaka seems to think alot of it is down to cultural differences between U.S. and Eupropean players but that Becks shouldn't have been handed the captain's armband without earning it. Personally I think it was all down to hairline-envy.


The Ultra said...

Shocking that the Brit sides with Goldenballs

Anonymous said...

haha beckham and work ethic should not go together.

Alan said...

Beckham is the King of all Scumf**ks!