NSR: OMFG "V" Is Online!

When I was a kid, V was the coolest/creepiest show on television. I loved this show because it had everything a Regan-era little boy could want in a TV show: lizard people, rebels, spaceships, fake-ass lazer beams and hot chicks with big hair in red leather outfits. Basically it was un-f*ckwithable.

Anyway, I guess the WB Network has acquired the rights to all of the old episodes from the series and has posted them up on Dailymotion. If the spirit moves you I highly recommend you get geeked.


JL said...

Holy crap, my family were big fans of this show back in our native Colombia. I was three when I moved to the US of A, and I never figured, nor did my family remembered the title of the show (so easy too!). Jeez, thank you so much SF!

How I remember? Well, even though I was two, I just faintly remember people wearing red, and a lady giving birth to a lizard and some other mixed stuff, lol.

I'm excited! SF, Again, Thank you.

chris said...

V is awesome!

Julian said...

Not just yeah but HELL YEAH!

Alan said...

I loved V when I was a kid. I loved Marc Singer. I even dug the Beastmaster. The sequels? Not so much.