Last Night's Party: Portland Tifo

By now some of you may be have me pegged for a closet Timbers fan. And I totally am (until 2011). But even if you couldn't give a rat's a** about USL1 you have to love a town selling out a US Open Cup match --there where even SCALPERS about-- in a stadium that is not the local high school ground. You also have to love the spirited tifo they threw out last night...unless you are a Seattle fan (in which case you probably wish they would crawl of and die somewhere).


ben said...

that is awesome to say the least. glad someone has some fun soccer culture going on. and i did enjoy the lone japanese flag in the corner waving for attention. yes i know there's a large asian population there.

andrewk said...

that is too cool

Anonymous said...

that really funny how people talk about portlands support. they were really quiet most of the match and their section looked pretty lifeless

skierbum said...

Even as a Seattle fan, I have to say that this is pretty clever. But I do know there were a few thousand Sounders fans there as well.

Ben - the Timbers have a couple of Japanese players on their roster, hence the flags I would presume.

Sterlinho said...

Portland wouldn't have sold out without all the travelling Seattle supporters. Your article from Portland even has this comment from a Portland resident,
"One would think the PGE Park was at best neutral ground instead of Timbers home pitch."

There were seven busses from Seattle along with many more that made the trip by car. The Sounders have had over 25,000 in attendance for a USL game.

Anonymous said...

Seattle fans actually traveled to a match in Portland for the first time last night... but a few thousand? Nah. It was 600-800... still a vast improvement compared to the 20-30 that traveled down for the previous 5+ years.

Awesome tifo display from the Timbers fans!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous (10:43 AM): You're confusing the pathetic Seattle customers' section with the Timbers Army. The away stand was the section with half the people sitting down and not singing.

The TA never sits, never stops singing and never stops supporting our boys.

BTW, what did the POD tifo say? Since the idiots were holding it up facing the sky instead of the stands, nobody could actually read it.


Nice try, but <1000 Flounders customers vs. well over 15,000 Timbers supporters with many turned away makes your statement look silly. Also, LMAO @ 25,000 attending a Seattle USL game. It was the first ever sporting event at Qworst. People were there to see the stadium, not the Flounders. Question: how many people attended games after that? LOL!!!

White Kix said...

Timber fans have to come up with ways to entertain themselves, becasue it can't be fun just to sit there and watch your club crash out of the Open Cup every year. Hollywood United anyone?

Anonymous said...

500-600 Sounders fans max. Good turnout from them. They took up about 2 sections on the south end of the stadium with a few scattered about the rest of the crowd. What they brought down beat what usually turned up at their old USL games. Props to them.

15K+ turned out to see the Timbers and it could have been more. Line was around the block for extra tickets.

Quit having a d**k size contest. Sounder fans. That was the best you've ever turned out in our stadium. The TA was out in force. A good night for both franchises.

Except for those 2 Sounder fans who are currently in a Portland jail.

Sterlinho said...

I can't believe White Kix went there! Hollywood United will forever be remembered for beating the Timbers in Portland and then getting crushed 6-0 by the USL Sounders in the next round.

Gen13 said...

And he just compared them to the Flounders... if the history holds, say goodbye in the next round, S***tle. Your fans are in a PDX jail. Your first goal should've come back. On the whole you showed yourselves to be the classless side you've always been.

ericJ said...

Gen13....so all seattle fans are like the 2 in jail? Dont jump to any conclusions please. You lost to seattle without 3 of their starting midfielders and a few backliners. good job.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think both sets of fans are overrated. Both are good, but neither go 90 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Important to note that Portland fans really only know how to hate Seattle -- which explains why their tifo was about Seattle and not about loving Portland or the Timbers or whatever. Another of their large signs poked fun at Seattle's remarkable MLS opening-night tifo.

Portland is a small city with a massive inferiority complex -- and the "unhappiest city in the U.S.," let's not forget.

So their tifo, while funny, was just more evidence that they always feel in the shadow of Seattle and always are resentful of it.

They are like the little brother that is jealous of his big brother's success and gets drunk and violent all of the time as a defense.

paulsepp said...

This was a great game with awesome support from both sides and is one of the best rivalries in US Soccer. Funny that Seattle thinks they are so great after only winning a 2-1 over a USL team. MLS teams with their salaries and support should be killing USL teams 5 nil.

Anonymous said...

"Important to note that Portland fans really only know how to hate Seattle -- which explains why their tifo was about Seattle and not about loving Portland or the Timbers or whatever."


Funny thing is, only the Sounders tifo used the opposing team's name.

Yeah that's right, your banners that - were it not for your translation failure - would have read in broken German: "As long as there are Trees we'll hang the Timbers". And in spanish "timbers are pieces of shit"

Nowhere in the Timbers tifo can you find the words, "Seattle" or "Sounders". Maybe you are just assuming that because you are paranoid?

So, care to tell us again about which team obsesses more about the other?

And the thing is with the Sounders fans, that obsession is for a team in a lower division.


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