Grant Wahl Is Now To David Beckham What Al Sharpton Is To Black People

OK, I think it's gotten out of control now. Not my constant posting of Beckham-related video because that sh*t is a traffic goldmine only rivaled by posts whose titles contain a combination of the words "hot" and "teen" in a way that could get you an unwanted cameo on "To Catch A Predator". What I'm saying might be out of control is the potential for rapid over-exposure of our man Grant Wahl.

With the help of the liberal sports-media he has been all up in Becks' Armani's for a minute now. And as much as I love his writing and his book I think it may be approaching a minute too long I'd hae to see that. But now that Goldenballs has played a game it will hopefully die down a bit because it's starting to get kinda Al Sharpton are here...you know like how anytime anything good or bad happens to black folks CNN sends a car and a camera crew to pick up Al to see what he's got to say about it. Kinda like that except for Grant isn't a joke and wouldn't be caught dead using a relaxer on his head even if he had hair on it.

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