Extra Time Episode 21: Act 2

Julian De Guzman coming home to Canuckistan? Shep Messing's Mustache has got the scoop.


nonickname said...

I'm a TFC season ticket holder and support the team, but if JDG comes home to play for us as opposed to a bigger squad in Europe that's a bad move on his part. I know pride in your hometown has to account for something, but that's too much of a drop off to play for a team still looking for its first ever MLS playoff game.

adikus said...

yea that's all and good to see TFC signing a big name (probably the most significant signing in MLS history as for young talent) but can Salt Lake get some love?

imagine a Guevara type midfielder on that team (real madrid could spare some young talent yeah?? daydreams....) jeez I'd rather see Freddy Adu to come back and play with them than lose playing time... they'd contend with every team consistently

Anonymous said...

IMO every team should be given 1 slot where they can sign an american national team player (in this case a canadian national team player) and not have his salary count against the cap. that should be added on top of the already DP slot in existance.