"Big Names Sell Seats": Press Pass on the Obvious

The Leprechaun says that if you bring it they will come, which I don't agree with. History --both deep and recent-- is littered with friendlies that were failures at the gate. Hell as recently as 2006 I saw Celtic and CD Chivas of Guadalajara, 2 household names to North American fans, play in front of a paltry 17K in Giants Stadium...only 3k more than the Red Bulls average attendance for that year. Big names certainly help, but getting a crowd in is much more involved than booking two known sides and opening the gates Tommy boy.


THE Nick said...

come on man...Chivas and Celtic? No big names there...one is Mexican and the other is an average euro club. I think they are talking about top tier euro teams when they say big names. Celtic are not in the same tier as Juve, Man U, Inter, AC Milan, Roma, Liverpool, Chelski, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barca, etc.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why one would think Chivas would be a big draw. They seem to play half of their games in the states so it's really nothing special to watch them play. They are not a top tier team like the Euro teams on tour now so the average fan is not going to get excited about watching them.

soccer goals said...

Of course.