Wolyniec & Mendes: Available for Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Funerals

John Wolyniec is my dog. He and Seth Stammler are the current and potentially eternal holders of the TOR Award For All-Around Nice Guys Who Are Not Flashy, Play Well and Give No Drama™. I didn't know he was a guitar player though; this is what I get for going to the stadium pub before the game and not after the game. I bet if I stuck around long enough "Long Island" Mike Petke would have started in with the drunken Billy Joel covers and the we would have really seen something.


Anonymous said...

who was singin?

viper said...

Wow, my second video to make it onto TOR. Great honor, thanks!

Cindy said...

yeah who is that singing? he's got a pretty great voice, save for that falsetto, that could use work.