When Pele Talks, You Listen. Understood?

I'm sure many of you feel like me and would rather not relive last night's party because it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as Last Night's Party. Too bad they didn't listen to Pele. Perhaps Sunil & Bobbo will get the whole crew fitted with "What Would Pele Do?" sweatshirts before the Honduras match.


ERic said...

"I don't know anything about soccer"

...but he knows enough that if you don't step up you get stepped on!

Sad that Bocanegra knows less than a know-nothing ESPN Sports Center host.

Toddzilla said...

It's cute that the anchor knows that Bocanegra was supposed to "step up" on that, but he's an effing center back, and that would have had him moving out to the edge of the box with no support in the space behind. He appropriately waited for the first move from the attacker (which he stayed on top of), but he didn't then go at him hard when he was at a better angle on the goal. His second reaction was a little too slow, but his first reaction was exactly what he's supposed to do.

The actual problem on that particular situation was that Beasley was jogging back down the left side like he was on a damn holiday and never got back into the play, which he could have helped with. You could see him completely stopped on one of the camera angles as the play was developing.

Anonymous said...

it seems like soccer gets more coverage when the yanks drop three points