Video: Sounders-United Highlights

Allegedly there was a highly entertaining game played at some point last night on ESPN2. I wouldn't know because there was nothing but --cringe-- college baseball on my TV. Oh well. Here's the highlights from the mythical match.


skierbum said...

As a Seattle fan, you have no idea how ticked off I was over having college baseball on over a nationally televised soccer game with my team. And when the two baseball teams are Arkansas and Virginia...long way away from here!

Can't these networks "regionalize" coverage? No one in the northwest really cares about these two baseball teams, but as a consequence, we all missed 60 minutes of a brilliant match.

M. Komar said...

60 minutes??? That's absolutely horrible! American baseball should take a lesson from Japan and end it with a tie in the 12th inning.

Anonymous said...

The game was shown in its entirety at 1am on the east coast...replacing the WSOP bullshit...Good Game tho