Video: Nick Garcia MeetsThe (Canadian) Press

How do you know your team sucks? When a trade to Toronto is a step up the table. That's certainly not a jab at TFC but it's a blatant jab at the crap record of the San Jose Earthquakes though. Record aside though getting dealt to Canuckistan from The Bay is an upgrade on so many levels (nice stadium, treated like a professional athlete).

TFC's latest acquisition, Nick Garcia, addressed the media for the first time and TFCtv documented it all for your viewing pleasure. And if you find this pleasurable you are a nerd and I want to be friends with you...so find me on Facebook.

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nonickname said...

Dude, I am loving this, and I am seriously loving on the job he did controlling our starting 3 man back line last night beating the Red Bulls. He was solid, no nonsense, calling a good line, and even got into a shoving match during a corner where I believe it was Stammler he was marking. Great first match and seems like a nice, level headed guy to boot.