Video: Fox Sports Meets Marcelo Balboa

You may have noticed that Marcelo has been out and about lately. He's out bucking for prostate cancer awareness and I back him 100%. It may not be your favorite thing ever but you have to get checked out fellas because ass cancer is bad news. I'm certainly not trying to make light, I'm just trying to keep it real and use the vernacular of this blog's target demo; recent studies by the severely underfunded TOR Institute for Marginally Scientific Research have shown that the word "suck" or "sucks" it the most frequently used word in the comments of soccer-related blogs and message boards.


Jared said...

Pretty sure that the word "fire" as in "Fire Bob Bradley" or "Fire Juan Carlos Osario" has to be right up there too.

Saw Balboa at the RBNY game on Saturday - sadly he's cut off all his hair.

Leonardo said...

This guy is awesome. good thing bringing up awareness about Prostate Cancer