Video: Everton Gaffer Testifies To The Greatness of Macca

Hopefully you don't mind a bit of random --and honestly if you do, you really shouldn't be reading this blog-- because I've got some for you. This was recorded last season but just kinda showed up on Youtube today; Everton manager David Moyes giving Brian McBride a bit of high praise.

Now if you can remember that far back you may recall that Moyes gave McBride his first shot in Europe during his Preston North End era. And if you can remember that far back you may also remember McBride's "indie-rock bumblebee" period.



Sean said...

He looks like Berbatov in that picture.

Toddzilla said...

Thanks for putting this one up. McBride is one of those guys that you appreciate more and more when you consider all he's done for the U.S. and the way everyone around him loves the guy. Top class.

Malcolm Rolex said...

Yeah, I always bring up McBride when someone tries to hate on soccer. He's become my favorite player and he's the first player during the 8 or 9 years that I've watched soccer who I'll take to the grave as being a legend to me.