Video: Big Bob Bradley & Lando Post-Brazil

I've nothing original or insightful to say about today's game. Although I obviously would have loved the win, I can't say that I am too disappointed because the low expectation-having MFer in me wants to be satisfied with the way the boys acquitted themselves today versus Brazil when compared to last week's game. They showed up and the showed some guts and that is an imprrovement. As for Bobbo and Lando, I think they are more upset than I am...which is the way it should be.

And much respect to Donovan for his amazing goal and what has to be the qoute of the tournament for the U.S.

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peteo said...

Mann, what a first half. If one looks at the game itself, it was a choke, giving such an early goal after halftime. But, overall, it was a good tournament for the U.S.

Felt bad for the crying Dempsey.