U.S. v. Egypt Match Preview

What with Superliga and all the MLS games yesterday I actually forgot there was a Nats game today. Happy Father's Day to me I guess though. Hopefully Micheal Bradley will give his father a hat trick today as a gift.


Mingo said...

Color me shocked.
Bring on Spain.

coachie said...

Wednesday against Spain will be a massacre. Can't believe head-to-head isn't one of the first three tie-breakers.

Honor the Badge said...

Read Bradley's post-game comments...guy's a complete fool. Doesn't he realize it's not the mainstream media criticizing them (they don't even pay attention) it's all the soccer fans, many of which know a hell of a lot, and every single one of which care passionately, who criticized the team's efforts -- and rightly so.

Nice to see the effort vs Egypt, but it only emphasizes the cries of where the hell was that in the first two games?